LBS 803 Assignment – LGBTQ

As part of my K-12 literature class, I have to do a quick write-up about books that address that week’s theme. The theme this week is LGBTQ literature.

Boy Meets Boy,
by David Levithan

  • Paul lives in the most gay-friendly town ever, but that doesn’t make it any easier when he loses the boy he loves and has to figure out how to win him back.
  • This book is in my school’s library.
  • I chose this book because the students enjoy it and it gets strong reviews.

Openly Straight, by Bill Kongsberg

  • When Rafe heads to an elite boarding school in Massachusetts, he seizes the opportunity to shed the label “gay” and just be Rafe, but shedding labels proves to be more problematic than he anticipated.
  • I read this book for class, and it’s in my library.
  • Openly Straight was picked because is a truly fantastic book.

M or F?: A Novel, by Lisa Papademetriou and Chris Tebbetts

  • Frannie, being way too anxious to act on a crush, enlists her gay best friend Marcus to chat online with Jeffrey, who, of course, falls for Marcus’ impression of Frannie.
  • This is another book from my school’s library that has been fairly popular.
  • The book was picked for its strong reviews and popularity.

It’s Our Prom (So Deal With It), by Julie Anne Peters

  • Life gets complicated for three friends as they try to plan an inclusive prom while two of them fall for the third.
  • The book is in my library (again).
  • I picked this book because it seems interesting, unlike this sentence.

Kiss the Morning Star, by Elissa Hoole

  • Two best friends go on a road trip in search of adventure and a better understanding of themselves, and end up with a better understanding of themselves in this coming-of-age book.
  • Yet another book from my library.
  • I wanted to get a lesbian book into the list, hence, Kiss the Morning Star’s inclusion.

This is what we need to post each week:

  • Title
  • Author
  • One sentence plot summary
  • Where you found the book
  • Why you chose it to be highlighted

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