LBS 850 Week 6 – Social Media

Last year I headed a social media committee at my school and we proposed to launch Facebook and Twitter presences, however, I have not followed up with presenting my ideas to the school committee. In part, that’s because I have way too much on my plate at work (yeah, there too) and really don’t want to take on the work, and in part because the drive to go online into social media has left with the retirement of our principal.

That being said, as the PR guy for our school, I witness TONS of opportunities for small “PRs” that we could publish on FB/Twitter and their ilk. These are items like a cool field trip or a minor award that are too small to be formally put out as a PR, but are worthy of recognition. This is one of the aspect of my job that I fall short at … too many cool little things that happen at the school (and there are TONS of them) that I just never get to publicize because either they’re too small or I’m too busy. *sigh*

High schools can make good use of LinkedIn to keep track of their alumni and help to build an alumni network. Diman has a LinkedIn page, although we really don’t use it.

Google Plus had some nice potential, and is great for small group organization, but somehow never really achieved the critical mass of users that a social network needs to be successful. Google Classroom is obviously geared towards schools and is a more likely candidate for adoption. I’ve been pushing for Diman to move to Google Classroom, but haven’t received the green light to move forward with it.

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