LBS 850 – Week 5 Blog Post

I have or do use almost all of this week’s apps. I put all of my school’s videos up on Youtube (Links to an external site.), and have used Vimeo in the past when Youtube had a 10-minute cap. I love Pandora, but can’t quite figure out any ways to use it in the classroom except as background music or something. True story: students were taking an exam in one of the courses I teach at Bristol Community College last week when the teacher next door (some sort of criminal law course) was giving a loud lecture on rape and sexual assault. It was, needless to say, a bit distracting, so I threw on Pandora and made a classical music station to provide white noise for the students.When I had time back in the day, I used to listen to brewing podcasts on iTunes. LOL. I remember having time to do stuff like that. T’was fun!

Voicethread looked interesting, but seemed kinda redundant. I didn’t delve deeply into it because of the requirement to sign up for it and I get enough salted canned meat in my inbox.

Teachertube failed to load a CSS the first time I viewed it, which made for a chaotic page and didn’t lend to confidence in the site. It seems like a nice idea, and I did bookmark it for further study, There were WAAAAY too many ads, it seemed, which was definitely a turnoff.

My daughter LOVES Tumblr, and it seems like it’d be a fantastic time suck. I could see it being useful in education as a tool for classroom posts, but I think there are better tools out there to do the same thing … ones that don’t send a student down the rabbit hole of social media.

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