LBS 850 – Week 3 Blog

I really, REALLY wanted our school to move to Google for Schools a few years ago, but it was shot down because we were unveiling about 6 other online initiatives and it was feared that we’d have too many new things for teachers to wrestle with. Unfortunately, instead of one cohesive online education tool, the teachers have run wild in the fields like running wild in the fields things, and our online learning has been Balkanized (or, to make a more modern reference … Syriaized? Iraqized?). We use about a million different online tools, and it drives me NUTS. But those decisions are above my pay grade, so I just listen patiently and smile internally.

If I had more time, or better managed what time I DO have, I would do Pintrest, Tumbr, etc, but I intentionally stay away from them like I stay away from online video games (and, honestly, offline video games also). I have a bit of an addictive personality, so I try to limit what I could possibly be addicted to.

Unfortunately, my favorite app on my phone (Pulse) has just died a quick death at the hands of its overlord LinkedIn, so now I need to find another news reader. Thanks to this class, I’ve signed up for Flipboard, and Skimm seems promising… I’ll keep at it, although I listen to NPR every day, so I think I’ll probably end up using Flipboard more, as it’ll allow me to dig into more specific topics.

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