LBS 850 – Week 13 – IT

Our IT department is understaffed and overworked and sometimes reluctant to implement new programs because of that, but our administration is really supportive of new tech initiatives. The good news for me for if/when I take over is that my tech skills will help me to help implement new programs, so if we, say, purchased tablets or something, I’d have more leeway to get tech because I could support it more than most people in the school could. This would help to assuage the fears of our IT department. Sure, it’d lead to more work on my part, but heck, that just makes me more invaluable.

IT support is critical to any library’s technology initiatives. Without their support, we’d be in trouble, which is why we need to cultivate a strong relationship with them. As the “Library Media Specialist” (I prefer “Library Teacher”), we need the support (and sometimes funding, depending on budgetary restraints) of our district’s IT department. How that happens depends on the district, but the first step is to talk to them. Make sure they know they’re important to you and that their support is critical. Way too often, IT guys are dismissed, or at least treated as tech-savvy servants. By treating them with the respect that they deserve, your odds of receiving their support is increase significantly.

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