Solar Power

Update – November 30

I added some detailed charts and graphs about our solar power use.

Update – 15 June 2010

Our energy use is way, way down. Clearly, we were using a lot of energy for various reasons. All our appliances are Energy Star, all our light bulbs are CFLs, yet we still used a lot of energy because of the two fish tanks and our electric oven/stove.

Anyway, below is our energy chart for the past year.

Electricity use by month for the past year.

Nate's solar-powered house

Nate's solar-powered house

From March

I recently had a 5kW solar photovoltaic array installed by Alteris Renewables. It was financed by SunRun through a new concept of solar ownership called Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Basically, I paid a $1,000 downpayment and will pay SunRun for the energy generated by the panels at a fixed rate ($0.177) over the next 18 years. During those 18 years, they own the panels, and (yay) maintain the panels. After 18 years, the panels are mine.

The system is grid-tied, meaning there are no batteries … the electric grid acts as my battery! During the day, my meter goes backwards (lowering my electricity bill) and in the evening it goes forwards (adding to my electricity bill).

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