LBS 850 – Week 13 – IT

Our IT department is understaffed and overworked and sometimes reluctant to implement new programs because of that, but our administration is really supportive of new tech initiatives. The good news for me for if/when I take over is that my tech skills will help me to help implement new programs, so if we, say, purchased […]

LBS 850 – Week 12 – Series Books

Series books can be fantastic, and often are. Sometimes, though, they miss the mark (I’m looking at you, Divergent series). No matter how poorly-written or well-written a series is, the success of a series with a particular reader depends on that reader’s personal tastes. Teen girls (and adult women) who love romances adore the […]

LBS 850 – Week 11 – Accelerated Reader

I recently observed at another voc-tech HS and the biggest thing that stood out to me was that they’re hardcore into Accelerated Reader, to the level that their library is arranged by AR level! Students take a ranking test at the beginning of the year and then have to read 2 books per trimester (6 […]

LBS 850 – Week 10 – Promotion

I LOVE the AASL’s Toolkit for Promoting School Library Programs (apologies to those of you in 815 who already heard me rant about this). It’s so chock full of amazing info and suggestions that we should ALL download it, print it, and staple it to our foreheads (or something like that). Seriously, I would wallpaper […]

LBS 850 – Week 9 – Schedule

I’d think that modern librarians NEED flexible schedules. Sure, there can be some regularity to it such as a regular class or two, or set times every day for mini-classes on a variety of topics or a regular “late afternoon” where they’re available later in the day for students doing research/homework, but flexibility is crucial. […]

LBS 850 – Week 8 Adaptive Technology

I’m the guy who does the Bookshare distribution in my school, and I have to say that it’s pretty rough. The books are read in monotone and I can’t imagine being able to sit and listen to them. I can get through about a page without wanting to shoot myself in the face. Just sayin’.


LBS 850 – Week 7 Gamification

I just read an excellent article about “Gamification” of literature, Reading and “Gamification” Joining Guilds, Earning Badges, and Leveling Up, by Marianne Martens (h). In it, Martens focuses extensively on books with interactive elements and goes over the strengths (motivates reluctant readers, are often special education friendly, and basically is where the kids want to […]

LBS 850 Week 6 – Social Media

Last year I headed a social media committee at my school and we proposed to launch Facebook and Twitter presences, however, I have not followed up with presenting my ideas to the school committee. In part, that’s because I have way too much on my plate at work (yeah, there too) and really don’t want […]

LBS 850 – Week 5 Blog Post

I have or do use almost all of this week’s apps. I put all of my school’s videos up on Youtube (Links to an external site.), and have used Vimeo in the past when Youtube had a 10-minute cap. I love Pandora, but can’t quite figure out any ways to use it in the […]

LBS 850 – Week 3 Blog

I really, REALLY wanted our school to move to Google for Schools a few years ago, but it was shot down because we were unveiling about 6 other online initiatives and it was feared that we’d have too many new things for teachers to wrestle with. Unfortunately, instead of one cohesive online education tool, the […]