About Nate

Nate and Ana playing with Photo Booth

I’m a web geek, amateur photographer, writer, environmentalist, and occasional athlete. I live on the south coast of Massachusetts, an area I love to explore with my wife and two children, cameras in-hand.

I grow veggies, produce power with my 5kW rooftop solar array, and try to buy local as often as humanly possible. I used to drive a fantastic 50-MPG TDI Jetta Wagon that I ran on biodiesel, but had to sell it and currently drive a nifty Mazda5 – 26 MPG city, 29 highway, seats six, fun to drive.

I have several part-time positions in web-based communications and am constantly working on sites for freelance clients. Sometimes, I find myself spread way too thin.

All photos on the site are taken by me, unless otherwise indicated.